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Friday, 22 September 2017

Never give up on your beliefs!

There is a famous one-liner by Theodore Roosevelt "Believe you can and you are halfway there". Inspired by the same, I am here with yet another motivational article on the demand of our readers. Even I love to write about life mantras, because, this my friend, this little space is where I get to have a one-on-one conversation with you and leave an impression on your soul.

child ear superhero suit and cape

Sadly, you are not a complete human anymore, you are turning into a sheep in a herd that makes no difference in the world. It's not even your fault. The peer pressure, the people around you are solely responsible for this because managing a herd is much easier for them rather than managing each person individually. The education system, the corporate lifestyle that has been encumbered over you, has made you nothing but a mule prepared to carry shitload; and the worst part is that this shit is not even yours.
You are losing that sense of individualism. Trying to be someone else, maybe like the majority and wasting your own self. With the loss of individualism, you are unknowingly compromising on something. Guess, what? Yes, your 'beliefs'.

The best thing with children is the way they believe in something, the way they hold onto it. No matter what, children cling to their beliefs just like a teddy bear. Remember the time when you were a kid, what were your beliefs then?  Well, when my cousin was young, she believed that Santa Claus was real and that he would come to visit her every Christmas. On the night of the Christmas Eve, she would go to bed early like any good girl only to wake up next morning and find chocolates beneath her pillow. Yes, of course, her parents left the chocolates under the pillow, but for that little girl, Santa Claus was the happiest truth. Every ounce of her believed in it.

Then the worst thing happened, she grew up. With the childhood, gone was her unmoved conviction. Maybe for her, it wasn't that big a deal. But since I was the silent spectator to this change, I realised a big thing that day. A 'belief' of a child is fixed like the Northern Star, a child is too stubborn to change it. But only when a child grows up, he dumps his beliefs in the dumpster because he is asked to do so, by all the grown-ups. Growing up isn't bad, but what it does to us is the real bad thing. It screws our belief system.

Abracadabra and welcome to adulthood. With just a snap of your fingers, this so-called 'adulthood' is slammed on your face, unannounced. Now you are supposed to behave like them, the 'grown-ups'. There is a sudden u-turn in the way you think or feel about yourself. From "Yes, I can do this" dude, you convert into a "No, I cannot do this" loser. You stop believing in yourself, you stop taking the risk. And your dreams remain untouched and locked in some corner of the wardrobe of your heart. I just want to ask why? Why do you need to grow up? Why can't you just pretend to be a grown-up, while being that child who is too stubborn to give up on his beliefs?

I want you to be that kid again. Don't lose your beliefs, please don't give up on them for they are too special. If you believe in something, your belief will help you to work for it, overcome all challenges that shall come in your way. Be fond of your beliefs and they will be fond of you. I am not bluffing. Your belief system is directly associated with your brain. And the brain is mysterious and powerful. It can do things that are beyond your explanation. Also, studies have found that 'beliefs' can literally make things happen. But this is not always true because at the end of the day we are humans and our beliefs can be misguided or outright wrong.

Now comes the most important topic of discussion, do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you are here for a reason, for something big? If you do not believe in yourself, then how can you expect others to believe in you. Everybody on this earth is here to serve a purpose, even you. That purpose is yours to decide. You can choose to be a dumb sheep or a roaring lion. If you choose the former, you will forever live in the shadows, but in case you choose the later, you will leave a dent in the universe. Choosing the later won't be an easy way out, it will demand many sleepless nights, a resolution to work hard, lots of patience because good things take time and most importantly an undying belief that you can do it, and eventually you will shine brighter than a diamond, and the world will be the witness.

"First think, second believe, third dream then finally dare", and you are ready to conquer the world. 
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