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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Table Manners Everyone Should Know

We all know that food is for delight, and you don't want some rocket science when it comes to eating your food.

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What you do in the privacy of your home is not anyone's business or concern. But when you have to attend a corporate party, following some table etiquettes will help you stand out.
Moreover, the below-listed table manners are pretty basic and not that difficult to practice.

How to use your napkin?

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These napkins are there just for you. They will support you throughout the meal. They really want to be used. Place the napkin on your lap before starting your meal. If something inedible goes into your mouth like fish-bones or anything, you can take it out into the napkin and roll it. Moreover, if you don't want to sit with pasta sauce on your face which you had in the beginning of the meal, just use the napkin.

When to start?
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Well, this is an important point. If you are invited to a party as a guest then show some decency and let the host do the honours. Don't just start gorging as soon as the food is served. If it is a get-together sort of thing then you should start eating only after everyone is served. Also try to match your eating pace with others, because you don' want to end up in a situation when people are waiting for you to finish your food.

How to sit?

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When you are out with your friends, you really don't need to follow this suit. Of course, nobody will care how you sit. But when you are with your seniors or a more formal sort of thing then you should avoid slouching. Don't place your elbows on the table while using the cutlery. Howsoever you can always lean forward on your elbows during a conversation. It shows that you are interested and listening.

How to make a conversation?

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It's good if you take the initiative and break the ice because nobody wants to sit mum while they are out to enjoy. You can talk about something that can make people laugh at the table. But make sure you don't say words like yuck, awful, gross or anything that is forbidden during a meal because it is disgraceful. Also if somebody asks you something and you have food in your mouth, it's better to give them a smile while you finish the mouthful load. Believe me, nobody wants to see you chew your food.

Which one is my bread plate?

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When you sit around a round table, it gets too confusing to figure out which bread plate is yours- the one to your left or the one to your right?
Quickly use your both hands and touch your index finger with your thumb. You will get a 'small b' on your left which says bread and a 'small d' on your right which says drink. So, the bread plate is always to your left and the drinks are always to your right.

How to arrange utensils?

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Although in premium restaurants you will have them arranged for you already. But in case you have to do it on your own, you better know how to do it. I will suggest you remember the word 'FO(r)KS' as an acronym where F is for forks, O is your plate, K is for knives and S is for spoons.
See, it isn't that hard to keep in mind.

How to pass food?

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Always follow the counter clockwise fashion when it comes to passing the food. But if the lady to your left asks you to pass the gravy boat, don't stick to the rule idiotically. Just be humble and oblige! 
If you want something from across the table, don't just stretch your hand to the other side, simply request the person to pass it to you.

How to check your phone?

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It is rude to check your phone while eating because you are supposed to be on a social meeting and using your phone is quite impolite. Although it is evitable and you will need to check your phone or make a call occasionally. So the best thing to do is say the magic words 'please excuse me!', go to the restroom and do what you got to do.

How to call the waiter?

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The most unlikely thing you would want to do in a restaurant is shout. So never ever shout out to the waiter unless you want every pair of eyes on you. Instead try to maintain an eye contact with the waiter and in case you can't do this, just raise the index finger of your right hand to draw him to you.
Remember: Only morons clap when the server or the waiter drops something accidentally on the floor. Haha!

What to do when you are done eating?

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If you are done, simply rest the fork and the knife(or whatever implements you have) on the centre of the plate parallelly in NW direction or 4:20 fashion(in case you are not good with directions). Fold the napkin loosely and place it to the left of your plate before rising to leave. Don't forget to thank the host for the wonderful evening and the food.

These are the basic table manners that you should know and try to practice in daily life because our manners are one of the many things that partly distinguish us from animals.
Hope these tips will help you in the long run. Don't just eat, eat with style. Make it a gentleman's pursuit.

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