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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Project 'Remote Year': Something Extraordinary

Today, nobody can stand the employment model. Working in a mundane cubicle, on a 9-5 schedule with few sabbaticals is too mainstream and liked by none. People are repeatedly opting for freelance jobs and other entrepreneurial alternatives to get the freedom of work that they deserve or thrive for.
But no matter what you do, this freedom is limited because of the job burnout that never leaves you.
So ultimately there is no room for you or your wishes, and those travel plans that are in your mind but never for once came to existence.
Gladly, some people came up with an interesting project called 'Remote Year', and since its inception in 2015, it has been a huge crowd-puller.
Image Source: Remote Year

What is Remote Year?

 It is a wonderful project started in June 2015, specifically created for digital nomads to provide personal growth along with professional freedom.
Take it as a one year program where you join a community of 75 like-minded people, and travel the world with them.They cover 12 cities, where you stay in each city for a month and learn about its cultural heritage, experience the leisurely pursuits and adventures that it has to offer.
The participants who are accepted by Remote Year are encouraged to work remotely while strolling around different places in the world.
It means if you want to be a part of this exclusive experience then you need a job that allows you to work remotely.
Image Source: Linkedin

Meet the fountain heads

This amusing concept is introduced by young entrepreneurs Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin who believe in the idea that one can travel the world while working remotely, and yes, that's what it is about.
This ambitious travel startup is quite unusual and inpromptu, Greg never really planned for it.
Greg already had a fashion startup called 'Obaz' under his belt, which was acquired by Groupon in April 2014 for $250,000. 
This mind boggling startup Remote Year seeds out of his own desperation to travel while working remotely after wrapping things up at Groupon, but he never wanted to travel alone. That's when it all started. He soon collaborated with his old friend Sam, who was in the same Business School with him, and together, they organised a platform where people like him can feed their wanderlust.

The First staffers at Remote Year didn't have any experience in the travel industry just like its co-founders. Jesse Gross, before joining Remote Year as the Director of partnerships, used to work for an investment firm in Chicago. Likewise Trish Kenelly, Remote Year's VP of program operations was formerly a project manager at a real estate company. Nevertheless, the team managed to get the first round of funding of about $175,000 by a number of undisclosed investors in May 2015 and since then it has been spreading like a fire.
Image Source: betterindia

How it works?

You have to enrol for getting in. From here you can request an invite to apply.
After that they will extend an application form. Once you fill and submit it, you have to patiently wait until you get shortlisted.
The shortlisted candidates then go through three rounds of interviewing. If you are selected they will let you know through an acceptance email and on call. So it wouldn't be wrong to say that Remote Year actually handpicks the participants.
You need to deposit a non-refundable sum within two weeks of the acceptance email
According to Remote Year insights, they go through thousands of applications and talk to hundreds of amazing people in a single day. 
In the first month, they received 25,000 email signups. This suggests that people are head over heels on this opportunity, like they have been waiting for this since forever.

How much does it cost?

It won't be wrong to say that it may cost you all your savings. The total fees for this 'once-in-a-lifetime' kind of thing is as exclusive as the program itself.
In the beginning of the trip, you have to deposit a non-refundable amount of $3000 and $2000 for each of the 12 months.
So all together it is $27,000 that you need to pay for your participation. This amount will cover for:
1. All travel between countries
2. Private bedroom in an apartment or hotel or sometimes dormitories.
3. 24/7 WiFi access
4. Social and cultural experiences
5. Remote Year discounts in each city

Apart from $27,000, there are other expenses that you will have to bear which includes:
1. Your travel expense to reach the first destination from home and back to home from the last destination.
2. Your meal charges are completely on you
3. Night outs, clubbing, side trips, shopping and other out-of-the program adventures
These additional charges will vary on how extravagantly you want to spend these 12 months.
Image source: forbes

What is your take away?

Although this seems to be a little too over-priced, but what you get in return is priceless.
You get to meet interestingly intelligent people with different backgrounds from 30 different countries, that is all across the world. You get to live with these people for a year, imagine how much you can learn from them and their culture!
Then the places that you visit are amazing and they have abundant knowledge and learning in store for you.
Moreover you get hassle free trips to different places, you don't have to worry for anything. These people will take care of your accommodation, set up workspace and coordinate the entire event for you. All you got to do is pack your bags, follow the guidelines and enjoy the ultimate trip of your life.
So, the intangible benefits are countless. 

Although this appears to be one of the best and the biggest social experiment but there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before pitching in.
This is a year-long program which needs gigantic commitment. Are you really up for it? 
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