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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How to crack an Interview?

Placement drives are round the corner and your anxiety is breaking records. You are surrounded by clouds of uncertainty and it is difficult to see your way through it.
You desperately need to crack this interview but for that matter, you will have to make the job need you. Sounds impossible? Don't worry! I have been through the same and today I am going to help you deal with that.
Let us suppose you are a B.Tech final year student and software is your trait. You can always relate to what I am trying to say even if you belong to a different domain.
how to crack an interview
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1.How to prepare?

I will always suggest group study. It gives you better exposure, expands your knowledge base and increases your chance to crack an interview. Moreover, if you have a group of friends you can always arrange mock-interviews amongst each other. Ask your friends to be a panel of interviewers and be the interviewee. This will help you on the day of the interview because you will know how to deal with unexpected questions and you won't give a dumbfounded look.
I with my fellow friends did this and it really helped us. Remember, today soft skills are as important as technical know-how.

2.What to prepare?

People will always tell you different things that will only add up to your confusions. Don't listen to them at all. Don't run after all the subjects and all the programming languages. It is impossible to cover everything in such a short time. Otherwise, you will be the jack of all trades and the master of none. Take one subject (which you have interest in or you find it easy), two programming languages(it's better to opt for one object-oriented and one structured) which you are good at. And that's it.
I prepared Data Structure, Java and C.

3.How to build a resume?

There are many games in the market where you get to build your avatar. You drag and drop its hair, costume from the catalogue and try to make it look like you. Similarly, your resume should be a reflection of you. Never copy-paste a resume because only you can define yourself in appropriate words. Nobody else can. Now, it's up to you how wisely you choose your words. Don't try to fit big and difficult words into your resume, do it wherever needed but don't overdo it. Don't write anything on the resume that is not true because the interviewer is much smarter than you. He can always figure it out.
Tip: Try to memorise your resume because the interviewer might ask you to walk him through your resume. So you will have to dictate everything without a resume in your hand.

4.Know your company?

Before the one-on-one interview, it's better to collect some basic details about the company. Know about the CEO, what the company deals with? What are the latest research and findings by the company? Where are the prime locations? There can be questions related to the company in the written test too. So it's better that you listen carefully to the pre-placement talk.
I impressed my interviewer with the latest research talk of the company that I came across in a news app.

5.How to qualify for the written test?

Most of the written tests are conducted online. You have to answer too many questions in a limited time. The paper may comprise of Technical, Aptitude and English sections. Fortunately, you don't live in a stone age. Use the internet and download mock papers of the companies that you wish to apply. Know the pattern of the written paper before hand. It gives you an idea on how to manage your time. This is the big secret, believe me. Most of the time the questions are easy but beating the time limit makes everything hard.
Tip1: I myself bought a mock package from Placement Season, 3 papers for hundred bucks and it helped me to crack the written paper. The actual written paper had the exact same pattern.
Tip2: Although this is not the right thing to do, a friend of mine installed an instant dictionary extension in his web browser, just before the written test. It helped him with English word meanings, synonyms, antonyms and more. 

6.What other than subject knowledge?

Now that you are prepared for the technical round, let's focus on the HR Round. See, HR round has no fixed rules. You have to be ready for everything, and anything. You could be asked personal questions like 'Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?'(I am not kidding, my friend had to face this question in her first interview). Then there could be questions related to current affairs like 'Which Godman was recently sentenced to jail?'. So start watching the news, try to be as updated as you can. 
Tip: Download 'inshorts' news app if you haven't already, it is user-friendly, gives you short and crisp news in 60 words and lets you choose the topics that you would like to read. 

7.How important is your attire?

Since you are going to be a part of the corporate world, attire is important. There is nothing bad in investing on your attire because it shows that you are serious about the interview.  A light, sober shirt paired with a dark trouser is the best and safest combination although there is no problem in deviating from the crowd but again don't wear something too bright or tacky. A little perfume will be good so that you don't stink. Girls can apply light makeup. If you have an oily face, keep fresh wipes with you and don't forget to clean your face before entering the cabin.
Tip: If white-black is too mainstream, girls can go for a pink shirt and grey trouser. 

8.What about the day before the interview?

Don't study on the last day. It's better if you don't. You can watch some movie or your favourite tv-series to beat the nervousness. Spend time with your friends. Make this day the rest day. Don't eat something oily for dinner because you don't want to wake up the next morning with an upset stomach. An upset stomach means an upset day. Hydrate yourself, drink lots of water. Arrange your documents that you will need to take along the next day. Go early to bed so that you get enough sleep. 
Tip: Set more than one alarm for the next morning.

9.The Day!

I hope the alarm wakes you up on time. Take a bath. Dress well. Be cool, be confident and don't forget to be yourself. Look in the mirror, smile and say 'I can do this'. A positive outlook is all that you need. Talk to your parents before leaving for the interview. Just Keep in mind-You have done your part and whatever happens will be for your best. 
Tip: Try to reach the venue atleast 15 minutes before the reporting time.

10.What if you don't know the answer?

It is not a big deal. You are too young to know all the answers. Don't try to hook him(the interviewer) in some silly out-of-the context answers that you cook at the moment.  If you don't know it, just smile and acknowledge. Now, this is the chance to impress him. You can request him to ask you questions on the subject that you are confident about. But be sure that whatever he asks you this time, you have an answer for that. 
Tip: The best thing to say is 'Sorry Sir, I don't know the answer but you can definitely ask me about XYZ'. 

11.What if you don't make it?

So what! This is not the end of the world. With twenty something age, you have an entire life before you. If you don't crack this interview it means it was not meant for you. Better things are waiting. Never lose hope. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Maintain your calm, work harder for the next time.
My brother's friend was struggling with a job, after getting rejected from most of the companies, he finally landed in Microsoft. Cool, right?

I hope this article helps you. If you have doubt on my credibility, I have bagged three placements. So, you can trust me.
 If you need any help with your resume or you have any placement related queries, please scroll down and find the contact form below. I will be more than happy to help you. You can also comment in the comment section.
I wish you best of the fate for your placements. Just know- You can! 😊

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    1. Haha! Your welcome Shumbham, Thankyou for reading the article. I am glad that you found it helpful. Do check out our other articles :)

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