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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Find Your Soul Friend

Today most of us are on a desperate lookout for love, why wouldn't we! After all, 'they' say that love is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to us.
But in a couple of minutes, i am going to brainwash you and pull you away from your 'finding love' expedition and set you on a quest of  'finding your soul friend.' So, Sit tight, grab a bucket of popcorn and try to make some sense out of my words.

Find your soul friend like Joey and Chandler
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You must have heard of soulmate, in books, in movies, while gossiping with your girlfriends, somewhere or the other, right?
Soulmate is someone who completes you, who is your other half in every possible manner. Sometimes this soulmate knocks your door, and you find him right there without any effort. Sometimes you get nada even after looking through binoculars. All i want to say is, why struggle to find a soulmate when you can have a super cool soul-friend in your life.
The concept of soul-friend is quite eccentric, i know, but believe me this is what you need in your life right now. You have had too much of 'Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge' and it has completely jeopardised you, and you need some 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' in your life.
No offence to the DDLJ fans.

See, you can have just one soulmate in your life, but you can have as many soul-friends as you like. Isn't that amazing?
The probability of finding a soul-friend is zillion times more than that of a soulmate. I am not blabbering, i can back my conjecture.
Okay tell me, what are your prerequisites for a soul mate? If you are a girl of twenty-something age then you would want a guy who is handsome, sensible, smart, well-mannered, well-settled, treats the elders well, knows how to praise you and the list is never-ending.
If you are a guy then you would want a girl who is good-looking, matured, independent, well-cultured and your list is not as long as the girl's list that i mentioned above, but it is not that short either. I am not accusing you of being picky, one should always be demanding when it comes to finding a partner.

When you go to an ice-cream parlour, you skim through all the flavors one-by-one, you take your time to finally choose the one which you think would be perfect.
And here we are talking about finding a soulmate, the same flavor for all your life(and you can't even dump it in the dustbin if you don't like it), so you got to be picky. There is nothing wrong in it.
If you think i am talking out of context, then you are wrong and let me tell you why!
I am trying to emphasise on the fact that we all have a set of terms and conditions for a soulmate, but how many checkbox do you intend to tick when u make a friend ? The answer is 'none'.
If he is good with you, you are good with him. You don't go through his family background, his qualities or his intelligent-quotient. There is just one thing that you need in a friend- a 'good understanding', and that's pretty much it.
Just consider your friend circle, is everyone in your friends, just like you? No they are not. It is quite like a chalk and cheese composition. One takes ketchup with his pizza while you don't. One reads Chetan Bhagat while you are into Sydney Shelton. One listen's to Jagjeet Singh's ghazals while you like metallica. Still you never complain because no matter what, they are with you whenever you need them and that's all, no quality test needed.

I hope that, you are now convinced on the matter that finding a soul-friend is much easier than finding a soulmate. So without wasting a second, lets move further. Now i will talk about another perk of having a soul-friend over a soulmate. If you are on a lookout for a soulmate then you will come across many people, go through different relationships, survive many breakups before you finally meet the right person. And the worst thing about a breakup is that, you do not lose a relation but you lose the person as well. From being each other's apple of the eye, you will turn into total strangers because it is quite difficult to be friends again(atleast that's the case with me).
So you can skip all this pain, agony and drama by simply opting for a soul-friend.
Even if you fight or abuse each other, you will still find strings to return to each other.
There is nothing in the world that two soul-friends can't survive.

"A soulmate knows all your best stories, but a soul-friend has lived them with you". Go Joey, find your Chandler if you haven't already because I have found four of them and it's beautiful to have them around.

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