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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Bengali dishes that will make you go weak in the knees

"Food is the answer, who cares what the question is!", and bongs live by it.
When it comes to food, bongs never discriminate. They have something to offer to each one of us.
No matter what your taste is- sweet, sour, salty or bitter, you will find something for you in the Bengali platter. If you think that Bengal is all about 'rosogulla', then dear you might have to update your dictionary.  
We bring to you, the mouth-watering and extremely enticing food from Bengal with lots of 'bhalobasha'.

Image source: themobo

It is a simple yet delicious snack that you will find on the streets of Bengal. It has puffed rice, a fusion of spices and some tangy lemon juice to tease your buds. Even the British love it, yeah! it is true.

Image Source: desidakaar

This one is for all those who have a real sweet-tooth. It is one of the most famous Bengali dessert made with milk and sugar. It is loved by one and all, it melts right in the mouth. It is a must try for everyone.

Image Source: inboxcart

This is the perfect Sunday brunch, every Bengali grew up eating this. Yes it is dum aalu served with luchi. Don't you dare call it Poori, its luchi, always.


A true delicacy served in earthen pots. It is frozen yogurt with date-palm jaggery. It is simple yet fulfilling. You will definitely love it. 

Image Source: food.ndtv
I can't explain in words, what it tastes like. It is not just a dish, it is an emotion for the bongs. A tasteful curry made with prawns, cream and coconut milk. You better add this in your 'must have' list.

Image source: boldsky
Biryani is overrated. Don't worry, i am just kidding! If you love biryani, you can definitely give it a try. It is a kind of fish pulao made with fish head. Not to mention that it is awesome.

Image Source: food.ndtv
Here is the Bengali rosogulla that we all love, isn't it? This sweet is the mascot of Bengal and all the bongs out there. An auspicious ceremony is just incomplete without it. 

Image Source: indiafoodnetwork
It is a thick fish curry, made with 'Ilish Maach' and mustard paste. An appetising dish when served with steamed rice, makes you say 'wow'.

Image Source: indianrecipes
It is a combination of bitter gourd, potato, carrot, drum sticks, eggplant, and everything green. Bongs are crazy over food but they also know what is healthy for them.

Image Source: india
Sweets are an indispensable part of a Bong's life. Cham Cham is a true bengali sweet that contains the richness of fresh chena and lots of love. They are often called 'pleasure boats'. 

I am a bong, i taste this cosmic Bengali cuisine everyday, and i can't wait for you to experience the ultimate foodgasm. Time to ask your Bong friend to invite you over a Bengali style dinner because we know "the fondest of the memories are created when gathered around a table".

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