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Friday, 11 August 2017

Be. The Solution: A Sterling step towards Hygiene

What according to you is Hygiene?
Washing hands properly before the intake of food, taking bath(maybe twice a day), putting on clean and sober clothes every day, right?
That is the vague definition of hygiene for an average adult. When it comes to hygiene, it is quite disturbing to acknowledge that we miss the most significant point- 'proper sanitation'.

The paramount importance of sanitation is overlooked by one and all. It is because we take it for granted. But, we have no idea that people in towns and villages are struggling for proper toilet facilities. According to an estimate, every 1 in 10 deaths in rural India is linked with poor sanitation and hygiene. It never occurred to us before, that sanitation could be this catastrophic.
Unlike the unwavering society, Be. The Solution decided to take the first step, because someone had to.

Be. The solution is an idiosyncratic Indian brand that seeds out of Indian thoughts. It is a flagship initiative undertaken by the forerunner 19O8 E-Ventures Private Limited and Ador Group.
Be. The Solution takes care of the urban women without ignoring the needs of the rural women.
Be. did a survey, to their surprise they found that people are incognizant of anything called as 'toilet seat sanitizer'. So, they launched a whole new range of toilet seat sanitizer along with hand sanitizer for the masses in January 2017. The products are available on all the major e-commerce giants like flipkart, amazon and ebay in too many fragrances to choose from like nimbu wala freshnatkhat narangi and lemongrass etc.

Be. believes that 'every Indian woman deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful in her own skin'. With their products not only they create awareness towards sanitation but also ensure that every Indian working woman gets a pleasant and comfortable experience at home and workplace.

You must be wondering that how it is different from the rest of the products in the market! Well, these products with elegant fragrances are nature inspired, manufactured through best in class technology, and packaged aesthetically. It also has moisture content to keep your hands soft, afterall your care is their concern.  Although the products are not very light on the pocket but they assure uncompromising quality.
If the product has made its way to the Ultimate section of this blog then there has to be an intriguing characteristic about it, and yes, there is.
The brand uses 5% of its net profit in the development of proper hygiene and sanitation facilities in rural India. So far they have funded twenty-one sanitation loans for women in the rural regions of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Be. The Solution emphasises on women empowerment because we know that 'The empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description'.
For the greater good, Be. The Solution has partnered with Milaap Social Venture and Ketto. Both the juggernauts are India's largest crowdfunding platforms. With the help of Ketto campaigns one can purchase Be. products at a discounted rate.
You can join the Milaap campaign, that lets you make a wish for someone in need. A wish will cost you just Rs 10. Why wait? Make a wish now.

Its probably the time to take a stand for the 300 million Indian women who are deprived of basic hygiene and sanitation. I urge you to join the wave of change, I urge you to Be. The Solution, because when women thrive, all of the society benefits.
You can grab your Be. bottle of hand sanitizer and toilet seat sanitizer from the link below:

Don't forget, with every bottle that you buy, and every drop that you apply, there is a woman somewhere in town who is blessed to have someone like you and is blessing back at you.

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