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Saturday, 5 August 2017

They will take care of your Boriya Bistar: New startup

Are you tired of buying every little household essential, each time you shift to a new place for your work or education?
Thanks to BORIYA BISTAR, your to-do list just got reduced extensively.
Yes, you heard it right, BORIYA BISTAR is your one stop solution. Their tagline "You shift, we shop" makes everything crystal clear. A new startup which helps you with your stay, they don't provide you accommodation of any sort but they make sure that every little need of yours is fulfilled so that your stay is comfortable.
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When leaving home behind and the people you love makes you awful, the pressure of settling and starting afresh in a new place makes you anxious, these people come like your knight in shining armour. It is quite difficult to go in the market, look for each commodity all by yourself, when you know nothing about the new city where you just moved in, except for its spelling.
In such a situation having someone by your side who understands your need and shops for you is obviously a relief.

Founders Rishav Singh, Shubham Jain, Kanak Kundlia and Ashwin Agarwal were college friends when they conceived this idea. Eventually they graduated from college PESIT, and joined different MNC's. Like every other person they too faced difficulty in setting up an apartment in a new city. The problem was real, so they realised that its time to come up with a solution that is real as well, with few necessary permutations and after substantial market research they launched their idea into a startup in April 2015.  Moving on with a startup is like taking the biggest risk of life, a lot is on stake. They had to be sure, so initially they did a pilot project in and around the Indiranagar region of Bangalore, to their surprise they saw a big positive response and hence they launched it full-fledged.

Boriya Bistar is an e-commerce site which welcomes the new-comers in Bangalore. Yes, as for now their services are available only in Bangalore. They provide you with product bundles like basic, premium and luxury. You can choose as per your convenience and budget. Right from gas stove, cutlery, mattress and linen to bathing bucket and mug, everything is available on their easy-to-use website. In the electronic bundle, a microwave oven and an induction can be ordered as well.These bundles will be delivered to you within 24-48 hours of placing the order.

They have a quite concrete logistic, they work even in the odd hours. They once delivered a mattress in 2 am in the night because of a delay in the flight of the customer. Talking about the brain-children, they are very well aware of their roles. Rishav and Shubham look after the company's day to day operations and business collaborations, while Kanak and Ashwin deal with technology and finances. With everything structured so wonderfully, the outcome is a flawless system and happy customers.

Since their inception they have made an average revenue of 85 Lakhs in 15 months and now they deliver over 150 orders in a month. They have tied up with many colleges like Christ University, Dayanand Sagar, and PESIT(where it all started). They have also partnered with big PG agrregators like Homigo, OYO, Zefo, Guarented, and Your Own Room.

Every startup does not get success, some sink silently while some steer clear to the shores. A problem, a solution and feasibility altogether can create a possibility of a startup. Fortunately they had it all. Fuelled by potential, young blood and passion, team boriya bistar gave wings to their dream. They are planning to expand their operation in Pune and Mumbai as well.

Let's see what co-founder Rishav Singh has to say to Blogmantra :
Co-founder Rishav Singh talks to the author

You can visit their website by clicking Boriya Bistar

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