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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Lets be a little 'Selfish' today

I am here with yet another article, to discuss the importance of 'me' and why is it okay to be 'selfish' !
Sometimes, in the cacophony of life, you forget about the most important person- you, yourself.
So today, after reading this article you will gain your lost worth and find your lost self, trust me!
You will have mixed feelings, you will be sad at first, for the harm you have done to yourself(not that it can't be undone), then you will be nostalgic, for the things of the past, and at last you will be overwhelmed with happiness. Find out yourself.

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No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, you are always overburdened with responsibilities. Sometimes, these responsibilities weigh too much and your shoulders hurt, isn't it?
Maybe its time to be selfish. Careful, i am not asking you to be self-centered or callous. All i am asking you is to take a 'break'.
A break from a life where every moment is monotonous, a break from a life where every task is mechanical, a break from a life where there is no place for 'you'.

I have a question for you- Do you make yourself happy?
Are you confused? Don't be.
I have certain philosophies in my life, and i would be more than happy to share the one which fits here seamlessly. When you wake up every morning, you should try to make atleast one person happy- the one you see in the mirror. These lines explain the gist of my article beautifully.
You always crave for someone else's priority, someone else's attention. We all do, right?
But it never occurred to you, that you deserve your own priority before someone else's. Raised an eyebrow, yet?

Don't you feel, its time to recreate yourself!
You are so busy looking at others that you just overlook yourself.
Pamper yourself a little, befriend yourself, embrace the glorious mess that you are.
Weekdays may be too frantic, but weekends are always there. Schedule your work, create a slot for yourself. Be selfish, jilt everyone around you, and their plans to make room for the things that once you loved doing. 'Make your way to the ace of spades in the deck of your life.'

I call these little breaks -'breathers'. Because you will literally find your soul breathing. Take breathers every now and then, to go on a journey of discovering the lost you.
Let me remind you, the dusty books on the shelf are waiting, before someone reads them again. The cranky canvas and the tray pallet is waiting, before someone creates the masterpiece again. The old guitar is waiting, before someone picks it up & tunes it again. The unfinished novel is waiting, before someone types it again. The old music records are waiting, before someone listens to them again.
Everything is waiting, exactly the way you left them. They have been calling out your name. Now is the moment to get back at them.

Quit making everyone happy, for they can never be satisfied. Do the things that make you happy. If you have problem recollecting the pieces of old you, the original you, just keep in mind that- if Geet can, the world can! Be a kick-ass like Geet.

Image Source: freshwebpost

Drench yourself in your own love, raise the bar for others, for you my dear, are priceless!
Be Selfish, be your own favourite and always love yourself.

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