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Friday, 28 July 2017

Be your own guru

This is the first thing that i am writing with my personal experience- nothing fancy, everything generic. Well, today we will be talking about how one can be his own guru and why is it important!
Hope this article helps you in the long run.

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Let's begin with something very common- stress, we deal with it everyday. But do we really know how to deal with it? 
There are days when you are gloomy, and you don't feel like doing anything. You end up spending the entire day on your bed, scrolling through the social media, nothing constructive. This plethora of sluggishness is one of the many symptoms of stress.
If i am not wrong, to deal with stress you talk to your friends, or your parents, or listen to some happy music, or eat something that teases your taste-bud. Different people, different ways.
But the big question is- How often do you talk to yourself? You must be wondering why am i asking you this!
For that matter, just keep in mind 'everything you need is already inside you'.
What i am trying to say is, stop depending on people. This journey is yours to make, everyone is eventually going to leave you, and you will be left with just one person- you, yourself.

Be your own friend, own supporter and own guru. Make yourself strong enough that when things are falling apart, you can take a deep breath and pull yourself up. I am not asking you to detach yourself from the people around you, all i am asking is to build your inner strength so when the days are cold, you don't have to go out looking for warmth. That is not an easy task, i know!

See, depending on others is not a bad thing, it shows that you trust the people around you, you rely on them. But there is no guarantee that they can be counted, and no guarantee that they are worth your trust. Dependency can have many repercussions. It can lead to expectations, which often leads to disappointments. So, this forms a chain of events, and the person standing at the end of this chain is you. So, at the end of the day, you are going to be hurt and awful.

Human mind is not merely a body part, it has a persona, it has the power to control things. Don't let your mood be a slave of your mind. There is nothing positive or negative, out there in the world, everything is in your head. Mind can play tricks. Suppose you are happy, it will take just a moment to make you upset about something that is not even relevant in the present, and vice-versa. Now its your time to take control over your mind and once you learn to do this, you can turn the tables for yourself.

The first and the foremost thing is to be a leader, not a follower. Be a leader atleast in your own life.
For that you will have to take a stand for everything that happens in your life. Then comes your problems, you need to understand that everything is temporary, even your problems. Your problems will vanish one day. And you will be the person to make them disappear from your life. Whenever there is a problem in your life, instead of thinking about all the people you can consult , think about all the probable solutions. Out of all those solutions, one solution will be the answer to your problem, and it is your duty to find that one solution and do whatever it takes.

Now the next thing to do is- 'Stop selling your life'. Yes, you heard it right. Over the years, you have developed a habit of whining over every little thing that happens to you. You have started enjoying when people discuss your life, when they sympathise you. It is not a commodity in the market, it is your private thing, it is your life. This very moment, remove it from the reach of others.

As i have discussed above that mind has a persona, treat it as a completely separate entity, your sound self. When you are vulnerable, when things in life are not right, discuss life not with the people around you, but with your sound self. Talk to yourself, whenever you are alone or before going to sleep. Introspect your deeds, your problems and you will definitely see yourself growing.
I know these things are a level up, and i may sound a little crazy, but believe me, it works like magic.
Try doing it for a month, and see the change in your personality. It will make you more confident and a better being.

Take command. Try living your life, crutches free. Try being your own guru.

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  1. If you have to stand alone and know that you are right, be not afraid to do so.

    1. Yes, Brij definitely, don't forget to share this article with your friends if you liked it. :)


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