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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Amazing Biryani Stories

In India, biryani is not just food, it is an emotion. It is considered the food of Gods.
Biryani is an urdu word derived from the Persian word "birian" which means fried before cooking. Persian language was the official language of medieval India, used by various Islamic dynasties.
The grandeur of biryani is unparalleled. Its wonderful blend of flavors, mouthwatering aroma and tantalising taste makes it - "The biryani".   
Biryani is the one thing that is unanimously loved by all. People from different regions create their own versions of biryani, so there is mughlai biryani, hyderabadi biryani, lakhnawi biryani, sindhi biryani, calcutta biryani and the list goes on.
It is not necessary that everyone who cooks well can make biryani. So, if you can make a perfect biryani then you are no less than a gourmet, trust me!
The lust for biryani can force biryani lovers to travel even to Mars(only if it was possible) if they knew that Mars served the best biryani. 
What, you don't believe me ?
Here are some unbelievable biryani stories to back me up, that will just blow your mind.

Image source: thebetterindia

Only thing to hold onto during Chennai Floods

The victims of Chennai floods in 2015 were promised biryani along with other relief materials by the volunteers. Howsoever when the volunteers approached them with sambhar rice instead of biryani amidst the shoulder-leveled standing water and heavy rain, the flood stuck people expressed huge disappointment.
After all it was Biryani for Christ sake!

Biryani became the name of a Tamil Film

Ajith, a tamil film star is very fond of biryani, and he loves to cook it for everyone while shootings. He has seved biryani to the shooting crew multiple times. His mammoth love for biryani inspired director Venkat Prabhu and he named his black comedy film- "Biryani" in 2013.
Now I am expecting movies like 'hum biryani de chuke sanam'.

Led to a Munna Bhai style campaign in Kashmir

A local dentist and his friends found a cockroach in the biryani served by a multi-cuisine restaurant Hazratbal in Srinagar. To their surprise, they found the kitchen of the restaurant too unhygienic. The story went viral and a group of young foodies send 1000 cards to the restaurant owner saying- "Get well soon."

Dhoni vacated a 5 star Hotel in Hyderabad

180 rooms in Hotel Grand Kakatiya were booked for Dhoni and the team along with other BCCI officials during his captaincy in 2015. When one of the Dhoni's teammate brought home made Hyderabadi biryani for the team and he was not allowed to enter the Hotel premises, they immediately vacated the hotel and moved to Taj Krishna.
They should have bribed the hotel security guards with plateful of biryani, what do you think?

Biryani used for movie promotion in Bangalore

During the release of Rajnikanth's movie Kochadaiiyaan in 2013, when the fans realised that the film is going to be a box-office disaster, they organised a rally in Bangalore, where they used Biryani as a bait. The locals were promised free biryani for watching the film.
Even biryani couldn't save it, i am wondering how bad could it be!

A marriage was called off over biryani in Karnataka 

The bride called off the wedding when the groom's family made a ruckus over the taste of biryani, in 2014. Later the bride's family sent 30 kg of biryani to the groom's family but they sent it back saying that it isn't mutton biryani. 
This groom's family was really obsessed with biryani, isn't it?

Biryani, a tradition at National Shooting Championships

Biryani was served to the participants of the 59th National Shooting Championship held in Delhi in 2015. The shooters from all over India were served Biryani at a nominal cost by Nawabuddin, popularly known as Nawab bhai. Nawabuddin has been cooking biryani for the past 6 years. He himself is a shooter and participated in around 20 championships. 
Maybe I would participate next year.

Biryani in exchange for Communal Work

Biryani motivated people for communal work. IAS Officer Prashant Nair promised Malabar biryani to the people for cleaning a 14 acre lake in Kozhikode. Removing water hyacinth from the lake was a monstrous task, but biryani got people together and it was a great success. 
An amazing barter system, i must say!

Biryani in return for a vote in Chennai

The Chennai elections of 2009 was won by DMK party, because they promised a biryani to every voter along with other baits like liquor, clothes and mobile phones. After this attempt of tempting locals, the election was notoriously named 'Biryani Bypolls'.

Gift from Sania Mirza to Dilwale team

As if using biryani as a bait or bribe wasn't enough. When Sania Mirza visited Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan during the shooting of Dilwale in 2015, she carried a box of Hyderabadi biryani for them. Bouquets and chocolates are old school now, maybe next time biryani will make its way to the Coffee with Karan hamper. 

Chaos over biryani even in USA 

A legal battle is going on in the court of New Jersey between the two Indian food joints- Paradise Biryani Pointe and Paradise Biryani Grill. The former accused the latter for copying his trademark biryani recipe which the former claims to have developed over 7 years.

Divided by regions, bonded over biryani. That's how it is in India. 
May be its time to rephrase the old cafe coffee day tagline and say 'A lot can happen over a biryani'.
I am a die-hard fan of biryani and if you had a wonderful time reading this article, do let me know in the comment section. Don't forget to share the article and subscribe our page for amazing stories like this. 

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