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Saturday, 21 January 2017

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Daydreaming, something in which I am just perfect and  millions of other people too. Almost everyone in the world has an experience of daydreaming.

What is daydreaming??

Daydreaming is detachment from one's surrounding for a short period of time. In day dream we escape from the surrounding mentally and enter a land of virtuality where we can fulfil all our freaky fetishes. Daydream takes us to the land of fantasy which is filled with happiness, positive thoughts and is ambitious.

It's fun... Isn't it??

Daydreaming is super fun. All those who have experienced it would definitely agree. There are innumerable experiences when one daydreams from childhood to adulthood.
It's fun not only because it gives you a taste of ecstasy but also because it helps one to escape from the boring schedule of life. During, daydream we get a ticket to achieve what we wish in reality. It is fun because we are the god of that world, the ultimate "creator" and have complete power to do what we want. An innumerable time a person dreams. Let's revive our experience of daydream and take a tour from childhood to adulthood.

Do you remember?? All your daydreaming situations??

While studying...

Do you remember, how you fooled your mother when you were daydreaming with your books opened and she was proud of you that you studied so long?? Wasn't that treat of sincerity, the most memorable experience of your life?? 
And that scolding too which you got when one day she finally found out that you were daydreaming through all this time.

During a lecture...

 That moment of daydreaming, when you were interrupted by a question from your teacher who already knew that you were in another world(present physically but absent mentally). And your friend saved you.

During an important meeting...

Those clueless moments when your mind walked out from a meeting which declared a new working plan and your colleagues were discussing over it and you were completely dumbfounded for what had happened.

It's a sign of creativity.

Daydreaming is not harmful rather it is considered a sign of creativity. It is found that daydreamers show a high rate of enthusiasm and creativity in their work. Daydreamers are more responsible towards their work as they work towards getting what they dream. 
It is found that most of the scientist and inventors were fond of daydreaming. Also, daydreamers are successful writers, painters, dancer, etc.

An amazing instance: A successful author of a bestselling novel was fired from her job as a secretary due to day dreaming, and it was prior to the time when the world acknowledged her as an author. Any guesses?
It is none other than J.K. Rowling, and she was fired from her job before she gave wings to the amazing wizardly world of Harry Potter.

So, next time if you daydream, you need not hide it, accept it proudly. It might be a step towards your success. Just work sincerely to turn your daydream into a reality.

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