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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Bempu: A life saviour for newborn babies

Bempu is a Bangalore based medical device social enterprise that is helping babies to fight Hypothermia.
Newborn babies are vulnerable to infections and sudden temperature changes which can eventually result in their unnatural and untimely death.
 Ratul Narain, Founder Bempu
The 31 year old Ratul Narain is the founder of Bempu. He did his bachelors in biomechanical engineering and masters in mechanical engineering from Stanford. Ratul also worked at Johnson & Johnson's for six years in cardiovascular space followed by a year at Embrace innovations in the neonatal health space.
He wanted to make something that would create a massive impact. He says that if you make a difference to a baby's life, it actually has a drastic impact on the next 60-80 years of their life.

Why these bands are required?
Credit: ozy
Whenever there is a sudden temperature change in the baby's body, body reacts to this by burning the fat inside, which results in the by-production of acids in the baby's body and this begin's to limit the baby's breathing. If the baby is unable to breathe then the oxygen supply is cut off, which can tend to organ damage. Premature babies which are more prone to this risk of hypothermia can often have organ and developmental issues on getting cold.

How these bands work?
A bempu band is tied to the wrist of the baby, which helps to track the temperature status of the baby.
These bands are made so simple and kept that way so that mothers from all spheres can understand and learn how to use it.
A blue light on the band indicates that the baby is fine, a red light indicates that the temperature has dropped while beeping indicates that the baby needs assistance.

Challenge for the band
Bempu bands work absolutely fine for the first four weeks, and during this course it does not need any charging, how so ever once discharged these bands can be returned, recharged and made fit to use on another baby.
But it is a challenge today because most women leave their village and come to different village for delivering a baby, so this return policy cannot be implemented. Also there are no collection centres that can take a deposit, recharge and reissue them.
Ratul says that they are hoping to address this problem by collaborating with ASHA workers and aanganwadis in the coming months.
And secondly these sweet little babies carry bacteria and it could get transferred to another baby with the band(if reused).

How to get a Bempu band?
The bempu bands need to be prescribed by the doctors. Sold for Rs 2,000, Bempu is currently available in 150 clinics and pharmacies across 11 states in India. Cloud Nine(Gurgaon), Surya Hospital(Pune), and Meenakshi Hospital(Bengaluru) are some of the centres that have been actively prescribing the bands.
Team Bempu
This organisation's mission is to radically improve health outcomes in resource poor areas by delivering life-saving, affordable medical technologies.

What Ratul has to say to Blogmantra?

You can order your Bempu band directly from Amazon

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