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Friday, 11 November 2016

7 Reasons which supports your chocolate craving.

Chocolates are the ultimate comfort food. Whether young or old, everyone wants to grab a quick bite of it. The inexorable craving for chocolates, the soft and smooth feeling when it melts right in the mouth, the sweetness of the caramel are absolutely irresistible, thus making you more of a chocolate lust.
They are one of the finest things that man has ever made. Different in colour, texture and shape, they are all so beautiful and mouthwatering.

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But next time when you eat chocolate, you will not be filled with guilt. Chocolate is as healthy as it is tempting. They don't just taste good but the goodness of it reaches deep down and improves your health. Below is a list of benefits of eating chocolate. With every point that you read, you find yourself more reasons to eat chocolates.
But before that you should know the difference between a good chocolate and a bad one.

A good chocolate is the one which has cocoa content as high as 70% or more, that is a dark chocolate. If it is too sweet then its not a dark chocolate. Regular intake of dark chocolate can prove to be a life saviour for you, but be careful with the amount. 7 ounces which means 4 dark chocolate bars per week would be perfect.

1. Chocolates are mathematics friendly.

Not everyone is good in maths and if you are one of them then chocolate has come to your rescue.
Yes, it sounds weird but true. British psychologists did a little experiment, they asked a bunch of people for counting backwards from a randomly generated three digit number. To their surprise, after drinking a cup of hot chocolate, they did it pretty well and better than that without chocolate. Its is due to flavanols which improves mental math and it is found in chocolate. So next time when you are preparing for your maths test, binge on chocolates.

2. Kill Obesity with Chocolates. 

You must be wondering, how is that even possible. Actually if you take chocolate 20 minutes before your meal, then it helps in the release of a hormone that says "I am full". So you won't feel like eating any sweet, salty or fatty food. This is so amazing, right ! All this while you have been finding ways to lose weight, and it was right their in the candy store next to your house.

3. Chocolate makes you happy.

Studies have proved that chocolates are a real time stress buster and relaxes your mind. Tryptophan is a chemical which is found in chocolates, it releases a neurotransmitter in the body caller Serotinin which is actually a mood lifter. So you see, it is only a game of hormones. Next time when you feel low, switch to chocolate stashes, that type of emotional eating is not bad at all, and now you know it.

4. Chocolate brings out the nerd in you.

According to a research done in the University of Nottingham, the intake of cocoa rich dark chocolate containing flavanols directs the blood flow to the paramount parts of the brain for 2 to 3 hours, thus improving your brain's performance and alertness. Another research done in Oxford and Norway Universities, says that Chocolates also enhance the cognitive processing of the brain.

5. Eat Chocolates and live longer.

There are many products available in the market that claim to increase the life expectancy. Don't fall into all those crappy ideas. Because you have a delicious one with you. Yes, chocolate can help you to live long and healthy. Jeanne Louise Calment lived for 122 years, and that is the maximum anyone has ever lived. She ate two and a half pounds of dark chocolate every week. Study has found that chocolates increase life expectancy by 2 years. But watch out, most of the chocolates available in the market are processed and not that pure to do the magic for you.

6. Chocolate is good for your skin.

Now its time to replace those creams and makeup products with something that you really love.
Eating chocolates refreshes your skin too, and protects it from the adverse effects of the UV rays. 
A research in London found that subjects that eat chocolates containing flavanols did not undergo reddening effect of the sun. Chocolate facials helps you clean away all the dust and dirt and makes your skin glow.

7. Chocolate per 7 days, keeps the doctor away.

Chocolates are rich in minerals and antioxidants. We already know that it helps in blood circulation. It also reduces the possibility of a stroke and heart attack. A Swedish study says that 2 servings of dark chocolate each week can reduce the risk of heart failure. And not just that, Chocolate contains a compound called pentamer which disrupts the multiplication of the cancer cells. Chocolates also induce insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of cancer. So, eat chocolates and save yourself from those bitter tablets.

So now you know all the benefits of chocolates, "gift chocolates to your loved ones not only because you love them but because you really care".

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