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Friday, 22 September 2017

Never give up on your beliefs!

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There is a famous one-liner by Theodore Roosevelt "Believe you can and you are halfway there". Inspired by the same, I am here with yet another motivational article on the demand of our readers. Even I love to write about life mantras, because, this my friend, this little space is where I get to have a one-on-one conversation with you and leave an impression on your soul.

child ear superhero suit and cape

Sadly, you are not a complete human anymore, you are turning into a sheep in a herd that makes no difference in the world. It's not even your fault. The peer pressure, the people around you are solely responsible for this because managing a herd is much easier for them rather than managing each person individually. The education system, the corporate lifestyle that has been encumbered over you, has made you nothing but a mule prepared to carry shitload; and the worst part is that this shit is not even yours.
You are losing that sense of individualism. Trying to be someone else, maybe like the majority and wasting your own self. With the loss of individualism, you are unknowingly compromising on something. Guess, what? Yes, your 'beliefs'.

The best thing with children is the way they believe in something, the way they hold onto it. No matter what, children cling to their beliefs just like a teddy bear. Remember the time when you were a kid, what were your beliefs then?  Well, when my cousin was young, she believed that Santa Claus was real and that he would come to visit her every Christmas. On the night of the Christmas Eve, she would go to bed early like any good girl only to wake up next morning and find chocolates beneath her pillow. Yes, of course, her parents left the chocolates under the pillow, but for that little girl, Santa Claus was the happiest truth. Every ounce of her believed in it.

Then the worst thing happened, she grew up. With the childhood, gone was her unmoved conviction. Maybe for her, it wasn't that big a deal. But since I was the silent spectator to this change, I realised a big thing that day. A 'belief' of a child is fixed like the Northern Star, a child is too stubborn to change it. But only when a child grows up, he dumps his beliefs in the dumpster because he is asked to do so, by all the grown-ups. Growing up isn't bad, but what it does to us is the real bad thing. It screws our belief system.

Abracadabra and welcome to adulthood. With just a snap of your fingers, this so-called 'adulthood' is slammed on your face, unannounced. Now you are supposed to behave like them, the 'grown-ups'. There is a sudden u-turn in the way you think or feel about yourself. From "Yes, I can do this" dude, you convert into a "No, I cannot do this" loser. You stop believing in yourself, you stop taking the risk. And your dreams remain untouched and locked in some corner of the wardrobe of your heart. I just want to ask why? Why do you need to grow up? Why can't you just pretend to be a grown-up, while being that child who is too stubborn to give up on his beliefs?

I want you to be that kid again. Don't lose your beliefs, please don't give up on them for they are too special. If you believe in something, your belief will help you to work for it, overcome all challenges that shall come in your way. Be fond of your beliefs and they will be fond of you. I am not bluffing. Your belief system is directly associated with your brain. And the brain is mysterious and powerful. It can do things that are beyond your explanation. Also, studies have found that 'beliefs' can literally make things happen. But this is not always true because at the end of the day we are humans and our beliefs can be misguided or outright wrong.

Now comes the most important topic of discussion, do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you are here for a reason, for something big? If you do not believe in yourself, then how can you expect others to believe in you. Everybody on this earth is here to serve a purpose, even you. That purpose is yours to decide. You can choose to be a dumb sheep or a roaring lion. If you choose the former, you will forever live in the shadows, but in case you choose the later, you will leave a dent in the universe. Choosing the later won't be an easy way out, it will demand many sleepless nights, a resolution to work hard, lots of patience because good things take time and most importantly an undying belief that you can do it, and eventually you will shine brighter than a diamond, and the world will be the witness.

"First think, second believe, third dream then finally dare", and you are ready to conquer the world. 
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Facts about Farhan Akhtar you did not know

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Farhan Akhtar, the multi-talented actor-director-singer-lyricist is quite unconventional whether it be his husky voice or his movie choices. With all that talent in a single body, he can be called a production house in himself. Although his portfolio was not so gorgeous like the other actors of the B-town he still managed to create a firm position in the film industry and straight away in our hearts, thanks to his phenomenal skills.

Farhan Akhtar
Image Source: google images
The 43-year-old Farhan was born in Mumbai to scriptwriters Javed Akhtar and Honey Irani. He has won many Filmfare Awards and received praises for his pragmatic roles in movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Wazir etc, but before Bollywood bestowed him with the limelight, he had to undergo a lot of struggle like every twenty-something guy. Gladly, we have done all the digging for you. So, sit tight and enjoy!

Farhan Akhtar

His father belongs to Lucknow and so he has spent some crucial years of his life in his ancestral house in Lucknow. Farhan admires the old Lakhnawi architecture and not to mention, not-to-be-found anywhere else Tunday kebabs.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan stated in an interview that Mathematics was a nightmare for him. While in the second year, Farhan was kicked out of HR college, Mumbai for short attendance. He was pursuing law there. He didn't even try to complete his graduation later.

Farhan Akhtar

Post college, he spent 2 years of his life literally doing nothing. Wondering what did he do? He just watched movies day-in and day-out on VHS. According to him, it was his self-conducted film course. Probably, he wasn't just watching movies, he was studying them.

Farhan Akhtar

His mother was worried about his career. She threatened him to throw him out of the house if he didn't get serious about his life. Guess what he did next? He penned down the blockbuster youth movie 'Dil Chahta Hai'. He considers it to be the turning point in his life.

Farhan Akhtar

He made his directorial debut in Bollywood with 'Dil Chahta Hai' in 2001. But he didn't leave Hollywood untouched. He wrote the lyrics for Gurinder Chadha's 'Bride and Prejudice(2004)'. Prior to this, he was assistant director in movies Lamhe(1991) and Himalay Putra(1997).

Farhan Akhtar

Yes! He has a borderline obsessive-compulsive disorder. He gets anxious when stuff around him is unorganized. He feels distracted when the things are not kept in their right places. He also has a phobia for cockroaches.

Farhan with wife Adhuna and daughters Shakya and Akira

Farhan's better half Adhuna Bhabani is seven years older to him and brought up in the UK. They dated for three years before tying the knot in 2000. They are blessed with two lovely daughters- Shakya and Akira. Presently, Adhuna is a successful Bollywood hairstylist. But sadly the couple got divorced in October 2016.

Farhan Akhtar

One of the biggest regrets that he will always have is saying 'No' to a wonderful movie. The role of the lead protagonist in 'Rang De Basanti' was initially offered to him, but he refused to do it. The role was later offered to Aamir Khan only after he declined it.

Farhan Akhtar

As compared to other celebrities, Farhan learnt driving a little late when he was 22. While he learnt to ride a bike during the shooting of the movie 'Karthik calling Karthik'. His first car was Fiat which was gifted to him by his father.

Farhan Akhtar

He is UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador. He also attended a United Nation's Conference in New York where he interacted with some of the famous Hollywood actors like Meryl Streep, Chris Marti, Anne Hathway and Dakota Fanning. He also launched the social campaign MARD(Men Against Rape and Discrimination).

Farhan Akhtar is definitely the 'Man of the Millenium'. He is the perfect youth icon to look up to. One thing that can be learned from Farhan Akhtar is 'One can be brilliant on his own term'. I am his die-hard fan and in love with his naturally funny character in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

If you love Farhan Akhtar as much as I do, let me know in the comment section below(Facebook comment feature availabe). Don't forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Subscribe to our page for receiving new articles directly into your inbox.
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What is blogging and why you should do it?

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Blogging is a good practice and quite a trend now. Even if you look at your own friend circle you will definitely find someone who says "I am a blogger".
One day I went to a restaurant with my school friend, we were meeting after a long time. We skimmed through the menu and quickly ordered some starters and began our never-ending gossip session. While I was talking to her I overheard some guy sitting just behind our couch, asking his girl friend "If someone says 'I am a blogger', what does it mean?". To which she replied, "It means he is a blogger".

Image Source: howbloggingworks

It was definitely a lame answer and I wanted to turn back to them and explain him about blogging. But I chose not to. Since you are not from Mars, I take it that you already know what blogging is, right? But to all those, who haven't heard it before and wondering what this alien term is, I have come to your rescue. There was a time, decades back when blogging meant a person keeping a log of his everyday activity, kind of an online journal, but now blogging is not restricted only to that, today blogging is a career. A Blogger creates online content about a particular niche say 'food', and interested people can follow his blog for fresh articles on that topic. Readers can engage and participate in the discussion. Just like the one you are reading, yes Blogmantra is a blog and I am a blogger.

I can give you more than a hundred reasons why you should start a blog, but we don't have the time for that haul. So I will just give you some of the most significant reasons that will inspire you to start blogging.

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Best for introverts

Image Source: alignedholistics

If you are an introvert, you should try blogging. Most of the time introverts are good with words, moreover, I can give you examples when blogging has really helped people to come out of their shells. India's one of the best pro-blogger Harsh Aggarwal was an introvert when he started his blog, it was difficult for him to make conversation in person. But see him today, he travels all across the world, meets new people and takes international seminars, possible only because of his award winning blog Shoutmeloud.

Improves your writing

Image Source: digitaltrends

We all know writing is a good practice. If you start your blog today and compare your articles on a hundredth day, you will see that you are getting better at this. I have really felt the change in myself. When I started this blog, I struggled to fit even 100 words in my first article and see me today, writing 1000 words is a cakewalk now. Words will effortlessly come out and you can write as long as you want.

Increases your intelligence

Image Source: jeanlouisdavid

How is that even possible? Haha! Well, this is no magic rather logic. Bloggers update their blogs frequently, they create new content almost every day for their readers. Where it comes from? It comes only after extensive research. What I am trying to say is bloggers read a lot of stuff in order to generate their own content. They come across new and interesting information on the internet, they follow other blogs and this eventually increases their knowledge base.

Gives you exposure

Image Source: study

When you start a blog, you definitely think about taking it to the next level. You work hard to increase your reader-base, increase your blog ranking, increase your online presence. In the process, you meet with new people (bloggers and non-bloggers). You create a group or community of people around your blog. If I talk about myself, today I have 4-5 bloggers just like me in my circle, I have talked to some founders and entrepreneurs as well.

Helps you flaunt

Image Source: shutterstock

What could be better than having your own domain, isn't it cool? You will be the lucky one to say "I am a blogger, visit my website". In the starting days, you can flaunt around with it among your friends and cousins. Only with time, you will realise its seriousness. Personally, I feel good in fact great for having started this blog. 

Gives you a side-hustle

Image Source: dojoblog

Blogs can be a very good sideline for earning money. Some people are full-time into it because they generate a good income from it and this income can be as high as six figures in dollars. I am telling you this because believe it or not money drives you better than anything. But it entirely depends on how hard you are willing to work. Blogging is nothing but a calculated and careful investment. If you can't put all your time and efforts into it, just do it as a side business or hobby.

It is probably the time to take your talent online, go pro with a blog. In the next few days, I will write about "How to setup your first blog for free". So keep checking this space. Till then you can read about Google Adsense approval for your blog to make money online.

If you had a wonderful time reading this article and you wish to start a blog, please let me know in the comment section below and I can help you to set up your blog. Share this article with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Don't forget to subscribe to our page so that you don't miss out on amazing articles.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Pikkabox: a Desire, a Journey, a Startup !

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I feel that travel startups have a lot of potential today in spite of the cutthroat competition because travelling is no longer just a journey, it is counted as an experience. You may have come across many business plans and startup stories, but not as enticing as the one I am going to tell you about. Travelling, it leaves you speechless in the beginning and then turns you into a storyteller. Inspired by this, a New York based Indian couple experimented with their wanderlust and laid the foundation of an online business.

Gaurabh and Anuja from Pikkabox
Image Source: the betterindia

Pikka Heads of Pikkabox

Meet the husband-wife duo who started Pikkabox in June 2015. Husband Gaurabh Mathure is a Creative Director in a well-accomplished Design Consultancy. On the other hand, wife Anuja Joshi is a Design Strategist.
They both had firm careers and a fulfilling life in a city like New York when they came across Remote Year- an exclusive year long travel program. Remote Year is a startup by Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin that lets the digital nomads travel the world with a group of 75 professionals, takes them to 12 different countries in 12 months and exposes them to the cultural richness, heritage and unique experiences associated with each country.
Moved by this life-changing idea, the couple pitched in. 2015 was the inaugural year for Remote Year and it received 75,000 applications along with Gaurav and Anuja's for 75 spots. 
But Anuja was initially doubtful of the program, it was Gaurabh who convinced her for it. Anuja said:
Gaurabh and I love to travel but a limited number of holidays and a 9-5 schedule meant our travelling was also limited. I have to admit, taking a year off and leading a lifestyle on-the-go was not in my life's trajectory.
But anyhow, the lucky couple got accepted at Remote Year and they started their journey from Prague in June 2015 and this travel startup laid the foundation for them to begin theirs.

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Image Source: pikkabox

What is Pikkabox?

For the founders, Pikkabox is a passion project started in June 2015. But for you and me, Pikkabox is an online store that helps you order a box full of interesting and unique goodies hand picked by Gaurabh and Anuja from foreign lands. It means you just sit at home, scroll through their website, and request them to send you a box full of souvenirs. Sounds interesting and one-of-a kind, right?
So far they have curated nine boxes from nine different countries, and they were an instant sell-out.
The name of their business 'Pikkabox' is as intriguing as their venture. Pikka bird is a fictional character from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where the bird is said to belong to the Planet Lamuella and it gets euphoric by the ordinary things like the rising sun.

What did they do?

While they were on this Remote Year trip, they thought that it would be great to send souvenirs to their dear ones. Friends and family were amused when Gaurabh and Anuja shared the idea with them. That's how it all started, with just a simple thought. They decided to keep it low profile for a year through their travels while laying roots till the time they launch it full-fledged after coming back.
Since with Remote Year, they had to stay for a month in a particular city, they got enough time to prepare a place-specific box and do rest of the pikkabox-work along with their respective freelance jobs which allowed them to pursue the trip with all expenses managed.

Every time, they visited a new city, they would update it on their site and let the people know about the place and its whereabouts through engaging notes on their blog. They would showcase the city specific mystery box on the site for people to order.

Pikkabox- what is inside a box
Image Source: pikkabox

What is in the box?

While Gaurabh and Anuja were on the go, they strolled through many places to collect valuable artifacts, handicrafts, postcards, stationery, toys, home-products, edibles and anything that they found interesting. Unlike other e-commerce sites, they didn't want to sell products, they wanted to sell stories. So with each product, they added a card so that you could see the place through their eyes. The cards were meant to describe the value, sentimental attachment and usefulness of the product with its local area.
In a box, they put around six to eight curated products that they think would give their customers a glimpse of the city and the country that they visited. They made a limited number of boxes each month to put it on sale and shipped all the boxes at the end of the month.
The price varies from box to box. It entirely depends on the country. Like a box from Istanbul, Turkey costs more than a box from Ljubljana, Slovenia because of its popularity. 

Just like their Remote Year trip, their business ended in a year and you would not find any box for sale on their website right now, but the good news is that they are planning for the future and relentlessly working to launch Pikkabox version 2.0 for you. 
Gaurabh and Anuja reminded us that 'The moment is now, not tomorrow or yesterday or someday. Right here, right now this is your moment'.

If you had a wonderful time reading this article, let us know in the comment section below(Facebook comment feature also available). Share this article with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Don't forget to subscribe to our page for more amazing stories like this one.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Maggi Facts you need to know

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People are head over heels on Maggi, including me. We love this ultimate snack to the core. There are a lot of reasons behind this endearment. It is an instant alternative to other junk foods, no cooking experience required, you can have it anytime of the day and undoubtedly, it is super awesome and yummilicious.
Maggi has been wrapping us in its warm blanket since our childhoods. Too many memories and uncountable emotions are connected to our sweetheart 'Maggi'.
If given an opportunity, some paramours would even get married to Maggi. Yes, that is how intense this never-ending love affair with Maggi is.
Maggi noodles
Image Source: lawnn

Maggi History

This instant delectable noodle came into existence in 1872 in Switzerland when Julius Maggi took over his father's mill. It was the time of Industrial Revolution then, many factory jobs were created for women. As a result, they were left with very little time to cook meals and feed their families.
To cope with this problem, the Swiss Public Welfare Society asked Julius Maggi to create a protein rich food product that could be cooked in no time with vegetables and digested easily. That is when Maggi was introduced in the market, followed by legume based ready made soups in 1886.

What's with Nestle?

After several changes in the ownership and corporate structure, in 1947 Maggi's holding company merged with Nestle company and formed Nestle-Alimentana S.A.
Later in 1980's Nestle launched the '2 minute Maggi Noodles' in India. With the starting price as low as Rs 2.50 per 100 grams, Maggi became an instant success and every child's best friend.

More about Maggi

Not only India, the Maggi noodles are a hit in Pakistan and Malaysia as well. While the Maggi Seasoning sauce is popular in around 15 plus Asian and German speaking countries altogether.
But the most interesting thing to know is that India is the only country where Maggi packets carry a green dot, which means they are specifically created to serve vegetarians. This special formulation is not available in other countries unless imported from India.

Maggi ad by Amitabh bachchan
Image Source: dailyo

Celebrity Endorsements

From "Mummy bhookh lagi hai-bas 2 minute"  to "Meri Maggi", Maggi has usually preferred the face of a common man for brand promotions and advertisements. Trying to be away from celebrity endorsements, there are still a few exceptions like Preity Zinta promoting Rs 5 Chotu Maggi and Madhuri Dixit promoting Maggi Oats Noodles. In 2012, with Amitabh Bachchan as the Brand Ambassador, he was seen all over the Television.

The Moment of Awe

On May 15, 2015, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India reported that samples of '2 minute Maggi' noodles had unexpectedly high levels of MSG(monosodium glutamate) as well as 17 times the permissible limit of lead.
Soon there were multiple market withdrawals and investigations in India. Some of the biggest retailers like Big Bazaar, Easyday and Nilgiris imposed a ban on Maggi.
FIRs were lodged on the three Brand Ambassadors by Sudhir Kumar Ojha, a lawyer at Muzaffarpur District Court when he fell sick after eating Maggi.
On June 6, 2015, the Central Government declared a nationwide ban on Maggi.
Believe it or not, Maggi lovers were praying for a safe comeback of the indispensable Maggi regardless of the health threats. 

Ban on maggi
Image Source: bbc

What happened next?

Although Nestle always insisted that their noodles are absolutely safe, they had to recall a stock of worth Rs 320 crores from the shelves due to the pressure of the government and paid around 20 crores to Ambuja Cement to burn the product. But this wasn't all, Corporate Affairs Ministry imposed a fine of Rs 640 crores for the high MSG and lead level in Maggi.
In November 2015, Maggi made a successful comeback, the product returned to the shelves along with the Nestle campaign to win the trust of the huge consumer market in India. Maggi resumed its production in all the five plants in India on 30 November 2015.

A maggi vendor
Image Source: qz

Help Yourself

No matter how safe they claim it to be, the best thing to do is watch out for your health yourself. A packet of Maggi is not a snack. It is high in calories(400 calories per 100 gram). So next time when u cook it, stuff the fibre-less noodles with some proteins(eggs or a lot of vegetables) and that is how you can balance the salt content(MSG) with the fibre and potassium of the added vegetables. Also, try moderating your Maggi consumption like four single packs a month, come what may.

Maggi took the nation by storm almost twice. It has been a wonderful partner throughout our lives and imagining a life without it is next to impossible now. But recalling the words of some wise man "If health is lost, everything is lost", I would suggest controlled eating now rather than regretting later.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How to crack an Interview?

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Placement drives are round the corner and your anxiety is breaking records. You are surrounded by clouds of uncertainty and it is difficult to see your way through it.
You desperately need to crack this interview but for that matter, you will have to make the job need you. Sounds impossible? Don't worry! I have been through the same and today I am going to help you deal with that.
Let us suppose you are a B.Tech final year student and software is your trait. You can always relate to what I am trying to say even if you belong to a different domain.
how to crack an interview
Image Source: gethiredaustralia

1.How to prepare?

I will always suggest group study. It gives you better exposure, expands your knowledge base and increases your chance to crack an interview. Moreover, if you have a group of friends you can always arrange mock-interviews amongst each other. Ask your friends to be a panel of interviewers and be the interviewee. This will help you on the day of the interview because you will know how to deal with unexpected questions and you won't give a dumbfounded look.
I with my fellow friends did this and it really helped us. Remember, today soft skills are as important as technical know-how.

2.What to prepare?

People will always tell you different things that will only add up to your confusions. Don't listen to them at all. Don't run after all the subjects and all the programming languages. It is impossible to cover everything in such a short time. Otherwise, you will be the jack of all trades and the master of none. Take one subject (which you have interest in or you find it easy), two programming languages(it's better to opt for one object-oriented and one structured) which you are good at. And that's it.
I prepared Data Structure, Java and C.

3.How to build a resume?

There are many games in the market where you get to build your avatar. You drag and drop its hair, costume from the catalogue and try to make it look like you. Similarly, your resume should be a reflection of you. Never copy-paste a resume because only you can define yourself in appropriate words. Nobody else can. Now, it's up to you how wisely you choose your words. Don't try to fit big and difficult words into your resume, do it wherever needed but don't overdo it. Don't write anything on the resume that is not true because the interviewer is much smarter than you. He can always figure it out.
Tip: Try to memorise your resume because the interviewer might ask you to walk him through your resume. So you will have to dictate everything without a resume in your hand.

4.Know your company?

Before the one-on-one interview, it's better to collect some basic details about the company. Know about the CEO, what the company deals with? What are the latest research and findings by the company? Where are the prime locations? There can be questions related to the company in the written test too. So it's better that you listen carefully to the pre-placement talk.
I impressed my interviewer with the latest research talk of the company that I came across in a news app.

5.How to qualify for the written test?

Most of the written tests are conducted online. You have to answer too many questions in a limited time. The paper may comprise of Technical, Aptitude and English sections. Fortunately, you don't live in a stone age. Use the internet and download mock papers of the companies that you wish to apply. Know the pattern of the written paper before hand. It gives you an idea on how to manage your time. This is the big secret, believe me. Most of the time the questions are easy but beating the time limit makes everything hard.
Tip1: I myself bought a mock package from Placement Season, 3 papers for hundred bucks and it helped me to crack the written paper. The actual written paper had the exact same pattern.
Tip2: Although this is not the right thing to do, a friend of mine installed an instant dictionary extension in his web browser, just before the written test. It helped him with English word meanings, synonyms, antonyms and more. 

6.What other than subject knowledge?

Now that you are prepared for the technical round, let's focus on the HR Round. See, HR round has no fixed rules. You have to be ready for everything, and anything. You could be asked personal questions like 'Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?'(I am not kidding, my friend had to face this question in her first interview). Then there could be questions related to current affairs like 'Which Godman was recently sentenced to jail?'. So start watching the news, try to be as updated as you can. 
Tip: Download 'inshorts' news app if you haven't already, it is user-friendly, gives you short and crisp news in 60 words and lets you choose the topics that you would like to read. 

7.How important is your attire?

Since you are going to be a part of the corporate world, attire is important. There is nothing bad in investing on your attire because it shows that you are serious about the interview.  A light, sober shirt paired with a dark trouser is the best and safest combination although there is no problem in deviating from the crowd but again don't wear something too bright or tacky. A little perfume will be good so that you don't stink. Girls can apply light makeup. If you have an oily face, keep fresh wipes with you and don't forget to clean your face before entering the cabin.
Tip: If white-black is too mainstream, girls can go for a pink shirt and grey trouser. 

8.What about the day before the interview?

Don't study on the last day. It's better if you don't. You can watch some movie or your favourite tv-series to beat the nervousness. Spend time with your friends. Make this day the rest day. Don't eat something oily for dinner because you don't want to wake up the next morning with an upset stomach. An upset stomach means an upset day. Hydrate yourself, drink lots of water. Arrange your documents that you will need to take along the next day. Go early to bed so that you get enough sleep. 
Tip: Set more than one alarm for the next morning.

9.The Day!

I hope the alarm wakes you up on time. Take a bath. Dress well. Be cool, be confident and don't forget to be yourself. Look in the mirror, smile and say 'I can do this'. A positive outlook is all that you need. Talk to your parents before leaving for the interview. Just Keep in mind-You have done your part and whatever happens will be for your best. 
Tip: Try to reach the venue atleast 15 minutes before the reporting time.

10.What if you don't know the answer?

It is not a big deal. You are too young to know all the answers. Don't try to hook him(the interviewer) in some silly out-of-the context answers that you cook at the moment.  If you don't know it, just smile and acknowledge. Now, this is the chance to impress him. You can request him to ask you questions on the subject that you are confident about. But be sure that whatever he asks you this time, you have an answer for that. 
Tip: The best thing to say is 'Sorry Sir, I don't know the answer but you can definitely ask me about XYZ'. 

11.What if you don't make it?

So what! This is not the end of the world. With twenty something age, you have an entire life before you. If you don't crack this interview it means it was not meant for you. Better things are waiting. Never lose hope. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Maintain your calm, work harder for the next time.
My brother's friend was struggling with a job, after getting rejected from most of the companies, he finally landed in Microsoft. Cool, right?

I hope this article helps you. If you have doubt on my credibility, I have bagged three placements. So, you can trust me.
 If you need any help with your resume or you have any placement related queries, please scroll down and find the contact form below. I will be more than happy to help you. You can also comment in the comment section.
I wish you best of the fate for your placements. Just know- You can! 😊

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If you had a wonderful time reading this article, please let us know in the comment section below(Facebook comment feature available). Share the article with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Don't forget to subscribe to our page for more amazing stuff like this.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Table Manners Everyone Should Know

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We all know that food is for delight, and you don't want some rocket science when it comes to eating your food.

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What you do in the privacy of your home is not anyone's business or concern. But when you have to attend a corporate party, following some table etiquettes will help you stand out.
Moreover, the below-listed table manners are pretty basic and not that difficult to practice.

How to use your napkin?

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These napkins are there just for you. They will support you throughout the meal. They really want to be used. Place the napkin on your lap before starting your meal. If something inedible goes into your mouth like fish-bones or anything, you can take it out into the napkin and roll it. Moreover, if you don't want to sit with pasta sauce on your face which you had in the beginning of the meal, just use the napkin.

When to start?
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Well, this is an important point. If you are invited to a party as a guest then show some decency and let the host do the honours. Don't just start gorging as soon as the food is served. If it is a get-together sort of thing then you should start eating only after everyone is served. Also try to match your eating pace with others, because you don' want to end up in a situation when people are waiting for you to finish your food.

How to sit?

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When you are out with your friends, you really don't need to follow this suit. Of course, nobody will care how you sit. But when you are with your seniors or a more formal sort of thing then you should avoid slouching. Don't place your elbows on the table while using the cutlery. Howsoever you can always lean forward on your elbows during a conversation. It shows that you are interested and listening.

How to make a conversation?

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It's good if you take the initiative and break the ice because nobody wants to sit mum while they are out to enjoy. You can talk about something that can make people laugh at the table. But make sure you don't say words like yuck, awful, gross or anything that is forbidden during a meal because it is disgraceful. Also if somebody asks you something and you have food in your mouth, it's better to give them a smile while you finish the mouthful load. Believe me, nobody wants to see you chew your food.

Which one is my bread plate?

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When you sit around a round table, it gets too confusing to figure out which bread plate is yours- the one to your left or the one to your right?
Quickly use your both hands and touch your index finger with your thumb. You will get a 'small b' on your left which says bread and a 'small d' on your right which says drink. So, the bread plate is always to your left and the drinks are always to your right.

How to arrange utensils?

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Although in premium restaurants you will have them arranged for you already. But in case you have to do it on your own, you better know how to do it. I will suggest you remember the word 'FO(r)KS' as an acronym where F is for forks, O is your plate, K is for knives and S is for spoons.
See, it isn't that hard to keep in mind.

How to pass food?

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Always follow the counter clockwise fashion when it comes to passing the food. But if the lady to your left asks you to pass the gravy boat, don't stick to the rule idiotically. Just be humble and oblige! 
If you want something from across the table, don't just stretch your hand to the other side, simply request the person to pass it to you.

How to check your phone?

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It is rude to check your phone while eating because you are supposed to be on a social meeting and using your phone is quite impolite. Although it is evitable and you will need to check your phone or make a call occasionally. So the best thing to do is say the magic words 'please excuse me!', go to the restroom and do what you got to do.

How to call the waiter?

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The most unlikely thing you would want to do in a restaurant is shout. So never ever shout out to the waiter unless you want every pair of eyes on you. Instead try to maintain an eye contact with the waiter and in case you can't do this, just raise the index finger of your right hand to draw him to you.
Remember: Only morons clap when the server or the waiter drops something accidentally on the floor. Haha!

What to do when you are done eating?

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If you are done, simply rest the fork and the knife(or whatever implements you have) on the centre of the plate parallelly in NW direction or 4:20 fashion(in case you are not good with directions). Fold the napkin loosely and place it to the left of your plate before rising to leave. Don't forget to thank the host for the wonderful evening and the food.

These are the basic table manners that you should know and try to practice in daily life because our manners are one of the many things that partly distinguish us from animals.
Hope these tips will help you in the long run. Don't just eat, eat with style. Make it a gentleman's pursuit.

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